Some destinations I have to write about

I am placing a list of destinations that I have visited and want to write abut my experiences there in coming posts in this blog.
  1. Lahore
  2. Islambad
  3. Karachi (my home city)
  4. Balakot
  5. Naran
  6. Lake Saf-ul-malook Kaghan
  7. Mangora (Sawat)
  8. Kalam
  9. Gilgit
  10. Hunza
  11. Passu (Hunza)
  12. Eagle nest (Hunza)
  13. Skardu
  14. Deosai (Skardu)
  15. Shgangrila (Skardu)
  16. Shandoor
  17. Chitral
  18. Kalash

Helo world

I have started this blog to share my travel experiences. Today I have browsed and selected "
Beach Holiday" theme from. I like the look and feel and cleanness of the theme. It has a feel of freedom, broadness and freshness.
A purpose of this post is to log the link of this theme that I may need in future.